Assistant: Do you need any help?

Paul: Um, yes, we’re looking for a Mac computer. Have you got any fairly basic ones?

Assistant: Yes, sure. If you’d like to come over here.

Paul: What different models are there?

Assistant: At the moment we’ve got these two models: the iMac, which is a desktop computer with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor operating at 2.33 gigahertz, and the portable MacBook, which has a processor running at 2.0 gigahertz. Core Duo technology actually means two cores, or processors, built into a single chip, offering up to twice the speed of a traditional chip.

Sue: So they’re both very fast, then. And which one has more memory? I mean, which has more RAM?

Assistant: Well, the iMac has two gigabytes of RAM, which can be expanded up to three gigabytes, and the MacBook has one gigabyte, expandable to two gigabytes. It all depends on your needs. The iMac is usually for home users and small office. The MacBook is more practical if you travel a lot.



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