Get that job II (answers)

Q1: Well done. You ‘apply’ for a job.

Q2: Well done. Positions are ‘advertised’.

Q3: Well done. You are ‘employed’ by firms.

Q4: Well done. You ‘pursue’ a career.

Q5: Well done. We ‘attach’ a CV.

Q6: Well done, experience is the correct answer

Q7: Well done, familiar is the correct answer

Q8: Well done, pressure is the correct answer

Q9: Well done. If you speak a language very well, you speak it ‘fluently’.

Q10: Well done. If you are ‘available’ for an interview it means you are able to do one.

Q11: Well done. ‘Do not hesitate’ is the best expression here.

  1. The letter should be as friendly and informal as possible – True / False?
  2. You should avoid slang & idiomatic language – True / False?
  3. Your sentences should be long and complex – True / False?
  4. It is fine to use contracted forms (e.g. I’m, it’s) – True / False?
  5. Emotive words (wonderful, great, terrible) should be avoided – True / False?

I would like to apply for the position of If you would like to discuss this in more detail I enjoy working under pressure I was in charge of I was responsible for With reference to



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