Answers the questions raised:

1. Why didn’t Martin think he had to beware of an attack from a computer virus? 

Because it supposed that the virus could not come from an email.

2. How does Martin say the virus got onto his computer?  

A green light flickering informing him of the presencethe failure of the computer. The virus deletes the files from the folder “My Documents”.

3. How would you avoid getting a virus in the same way as Martin did? 

Protect your computer with a good virus scanner. Remove unknown messages.

4. Jane had a rule for avoiding the risk from opening emails and attachments. What was that rule?

Not open email or files from unknown people.

5. Why did her rule not help her in this case?

Because the message appears to be from the bank.

6. Using both Martin and Jane’s experiences, complete the statement below to explain how to avoid the risks from opening attachments to emails.

Analyze whether this is a known email. Do not open emails from unknown suppliers. Mark the messages as spam threatening.




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